Sunrise Mission Homeless Shelter


"Sunrise Mission is a homeless shelter that offers a safe place to rebuild one's life while working to overcome the difficulty that created the loss of home.

At Sunrise Mission, we understand that people don't roll out of bed one morning and decide to move onto the street. It's a devastating process. For many, homelessness is just one illness, accident or layoff away. Sunrise Mission is first and foremost a shelter. We are not, however, anyone's permanent address. With separate areas, one for men and one for women and families, we provide a warm, safe, loving place to regroup, rethink and rechart a divinely guided course toward independence.

Our staff works to help them become settled and then begin the process of rebuilding their lives. This could involve, at initial intake, of finding clothing (by the time they arrive at the Mission many do not have much more than the clothing on their backs), assistance with getting food, encouragement to seek out assistance from community mental health, 12 step programs, Catholic Human Services, enrollment in schools, seeking employment and seeking a church family. As time goes on the person becomes more confident and hopeful and the process of seeking housing begins with the assistance of NEMCSA, Alpena Housing, MSHDA HCV program and a variety of private landlords. Sometime this process includes cleaning up credit issues and repairing past housing problems.With the assistance of a generous community who support the work of the Mission, guidance of a praying insightful Board of Directors and God’s direction, we continue to assist the hurting and lost in their journey to resume a productive hopeful life."

Contact Information


Address: 622 W Chisholm St, Alpena, MI 49707

Phone: 989-356-1277


Service Information

Service Areas: Emergency Shelter, Emergency and Disaster Services

Eligibility Criteria: Contact the agency directly for more information.