Habitat for Humanity – Northwest Michigan


Habitat for Humanity has several programs to help residents improve the conditions of their home or obtain new homes for a very reasonable price. They work with a large base of volunteers to help cut labor costs and construct lasting homes.

Home Repairs/ Accessibility Construction:
Individuals that need home repairs (roof, septic tank, windows, and some cases of rot repair) or need help constructing accessibility-related items (ramps, rails, bathroom accessibility, etc.) can contact Habitat. Currently, there is a turnaround of a couple of months. While none of the services are free, they are affordable and can be paid in monthly installments. Individuals must qualify for repairs based on Income. However, Habitat will help individuals calculate their income based on their own formula.

Home Ownership:
If a family is currently without a home but stable and willing to walk with Habitat for a while, they may qualify for home ownership. Habitat is accepting new interest forms for home ownership. Anyone can fill out an interest form and talk to Habitat, although it is a difficult process.

Garden Program:
For qualifying individuals (must own home), Habitat can help build a garden for the individual. This is a grant funded program and may not last, but they currently have ample funds.

This organization is also always looking for volunteers!

Contact Information

Website: http://www.northwestmihabitat.org/

Address: 8460 M-119, Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Phone: 231-348-6926

Email: home@northwestmihabitat.org

Service Information

Service Areas: Home Repair, Affordable Housing Assistance

Eligibility Criteria: Individuals must qualify for services based on income. However, anyone in-need is welcome to apply or inquire.